Local History

There used to be a castle in Chevy Chase!
Located in, what is now called, the Town of Chevy Chase on East Woodbine Street (near Beach Drive), this castle overlooked Rock Creek Park.  It was called Rossdhu Castle or Calhoun Castle.

The Washington Post described this castle as a replica of the 12th century, Scottish ancestral castle of Clan Colquhoun from Loch Lomond. (February 1, 1975)

Today, what is left of the castle is the turreted five-bedroom gatehouse and the small "moat" in front.  

However, in the subdivision below the Rossdhu Castle, the even numbered homes on a street below all share a stone retaining wall in their rear yards, one of the last graceful remnants of the landscaping of the 100 acre site.  

Historical retaining wall, Chevy Chase, MD
photo taken by MouseOnHouse ®, Inc.

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